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Civic Dinner: Poor People's Campaign

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The 2018 Hands On Atlanta Sunday Supper, presented by The Coca-Cola Company, will examine the Poor People’s Campaign, which was the focus of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the final years of his life. The Poor People’s Campaign demanded economic equality, particularly through jobs and housing, and considered it a human (vs. civil) right. 

There are many contemporary parallels to the issues at the heart of the Poor People’s Campaign. In Atlanta, concerns about affordable housing and extreme income inequality were at the forefront of the mayoral debates. The rights of workers, quality public education and the affordability of quality health care dominate the national narrative.

The goal of each of these Sunday Supper conversations is take key learnings from the successes and failures of the Poor People’s Campaign and leverage this knowledge to envision solutions for today’s critical issues with a diverse, committed group of citizens from various sectors of Atlanta.

Hosted by: Shawn Walton